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What are your amenities?

Yes! we have several amenities here in the French Riviera


-Paddle board (rezzer)

-Jet Ski

-Bumper Boats ( fun couple activity)

-Hot Air Balloon

-Bungee Jumping

-Hang Gliding


-Breakfast on Several Locations


- Common beach areas ( All Cities)



Can I get a tour of The French Riviera?

Thank you for your interest in touring the French Riviera,

We do not offer tours to preserve the privacy and tranquility that our guests require. We have plenty of pictures of the Rooms and villas in our Gallery!


Can I extend my stay at the French Riviera and add on amenities while I'm there?

Of course you can! If we have any openings to extend your stay we are more than happy to extend you! 


Do you accommodate poly couples?

Yes! We make arrangements for poly couples to enjoy our rooms comfortably.


I love the French Riviera! How can I get VIP?

In order to become eligible for VIP Membership you must first book a trip and stay at the resort. Once you have completed your trip you can then sign up for Vip membership. Please contact Tye Dinzel or Wassup Bruh to sign up.


Can I bring my alt?

We understand that some guests personally require the using of alt accounts for their photos. You can absolutely bring your alt account as long as they are accounted for in your reservation and paid for just as if they were any other guest.


What time is check-in and check out?

You are booked and excited to get to French Riviera! Our check in BEGINS at 4:00pm - 5:00pm SLT. DURING this time your teleport will be sent, so please be available during this time. If you are not ready we will have to move on to the next guest. Please be patient while this is happening. Also check in will not be extended if you are not ready or prepared. We want to respect everyone's time.

Check out is at 2pm SLT.

Please specify if you are not from the US and require early check-in inside of the details portion of your reservation. Please note that your room will not be available until 3pm when the previous guests have left. Contact us inworld or on FB/IG to let us know when you are ready to be checked in.


Does the French Riviera Accommodate groups and can we receive a discount?

If you are trying to book for more than 10 people for your trip, please contact us via FB or Instagram!

If you are booking a group over 10 people or more there is a 10% discount off total room price! (not including the add ons). For groups of 15+, you will receive 15% off rooms. 


Everything shows booked! Are you sure there is no space?

Contact us directly and we can confirm for you! Before you do please make sure your dates are correct :)


I cannot make my reservation! Can I get a refund?

We understand RL happens. We will try to the best of our ability to move your date (one time courtesy). If you would like to move your reservation, that request must be made within 72hrs before your booking. Anything after will not be honored or considered. We do provide date moves, but will be subject to the availability of rooms!


I used the wrong name

We cannot stress enough to please use your Second Life Legacy name when booking a reservation with us. We understand that you may identify more with the display name that you have created, BUT, we cannot search display names through the search function. Please use the name you use to log into SL with. If you do not have a last name, the last name to use is Resident.  Not using your SL account name will only cause processing issues and delays in finding you to check in.

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