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Our Rooms

Each room was built with you in mind. We have quality adult furniture with amazing animations to fulfill every pleasure you want in each city. Stretch your legs in Nice in our villas, or see the view from the Jadore Hotel! However, if you want to snuggle closer, one of our intimate suites at the Grande Vie may be the option for you! We even have amazing suites in Saint Tropez  to choose from! If you have any questions be sure to visit our FAQs page before messaging us :) Keep in mind that the minimum for any reservation is 2 people.

Please note: if you are booking a one day stay please limit your excursions to 2... anything over may cause issues with your scheduling.

If you book for only one person you will still be charged as if you are booking for 2. Keep in mind this is an ADULT SIM. NO CHILDREN UNDER THE AGE OF 18 (avi)  WILL BE PERMITTED HERE as 95% of our furniture is adult.

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